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ng everywhere, a portion of the Jayhawkers kept looking for Younger, and swearing brutally at their ill-success, while another portion, watching the movements of the old negress, saw her throw away the bed-spread, clap

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her hands exultantly and shout: “Run, Marse Cole; run for your life. The debbils can’t catch you dis time!” Giving and taking a volley that harmed no one, Cole made his escape without a struggle. As for the old negress,

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Goss debated sometime with himself whether he should shoot her or hang her. Unquestionably a rebel negro, she was persecuted often and often for her opinion’s sake, and hung up twice by militia to make her tell the whereab

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outs of Guerrillas. True to her people and her cause, she died at last in the ardor of devotion. The Trip North in 1863 ON the return from Texas in the spring of 1863, Quantrell’s journey in detail would read lik

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